Upgrade your Home with These Affordable Home Automation and Security Devices

Upgrade your Home with These Affordable Home Automation and Security Devices

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For most of us, we grew up in the days when doors closing on their own and lights opening without having to move the switch are scenes we see only in the movies. But now, more and more companies are engaging in the home automation business that the prices become affordable even to common employees.

Gone are the days when home automation technology is limited only to the members of the upper class. In our world where the internet is slowly breaching the gap between the middle class and those in the uptown when it comes to access to information about the latest in the world of technology, the home automation industry seems to have a wider market these days.

In fact, you’ve probably checked out an automation system and had thoughts of getting it installed in your property. For this reason, home automation has become a field that we, as home stagers, have to gain knowledge of. Well, obviously because this instantly increases the value of a certain residence. So if you’re thinking about upgrading your home with an automation system, let’s get you started with these products we’ve come across with recently:

Video Doorbells

Yes, you read it right. You just know that the better days have come when you can literally answer the door even when you’re not at home. We’re glad to break the news that now, you can have wonderful, advanced doorbells that allow you to see and speak with visitors through your mobile phone. You can even receive alerts on your gadgets when doorbell sensors detect motion around your property.

Light Controlling Systems

If you always forget to turn the porch lights on when you’re about to sleep or turn them off when you leave in the morning, it’s time to celebrate because now there are gadgets available that can help you solve this recurring problem. These advanced light controlling systems in the market let you turn your lights on and off through a mobile phone application. There are even more advanced kits with customization features so you can adjust the brightness according to your mood or activity.

Lighting-Door-and-Window Sensors

Are you tired of blindly locating the switch to turn the light on every time you enter your main door or pantry at night? Or perhaps you want to be alerted every time the window or the door opens when you don’t expect anyone to come. This kind of convenience and security is not far off now that you can purchase many kinds of window and door sensors online at very affordable prices of about 35 bucks and above.

All-Around Home Automation Kits

Speaking of gadgets, why don’t you try the slightly more expensive home automation kits that allow users to control lamps, appliances, AC and heaters, and even security cameras through a mobile phone app? Although a bit higher in price, they are definitely worth it if you’re the type who likes to read at your favorite table all day or work non-stop without any distractions at your home office nook.

These are some of the latest we’ve seen and heard from our clients. But aside from incorporating advanced devices to your home, there are some other simpler yet useful tips on how to add value to your home for better chances of getting the right tenant or buyer. You can also help us widen our knowledge by commenting below if you’ve encountered some other wonderful automation devices lately.

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