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Bathroom Staging Suggestions That Can Help Seal The Deal

Bathroom Staging Suggestions That Can Help Seal The Deal

Hey there folks! My name is Eddie and I’m really glad to share a recent experience with you. Just over a month ago, I had a neighbour who was about to sell her home and she asked me for a hand in improving the bathroom. You see, every other area in her house was okay and well-maintained. The thing is, her house’s bathroom is something that will make potential home buyers think twice with their hard-earned money. She doesn’t have the faintest clue on how to fix leaks and make it more captivating when she presents her house to investors. As always, I took on the challenge and made her bathroom better than ever. Here are some important details that could help you out too with your home staging goals.


Have everything fixed first

Based on experience, you won’t get far in selling your home if there’s something wrong with your bathroom. It may be a leaking faucet, a faulty water heater, or clogged drains. Whatever it can be, damaged bathroom fixtures will certainly make any home buyer decide against purchasing your property. As such, check your bathroom first for any faults and have it repaired by honest and professional plumbers immediately.


A good paint job goes a long way

No one wants to bathe in a place that looks all gloomy. A person spends an adequate amount of private time inside a bathroom and it making it a little livelier is a big help. In this case, getting your home painted with neutral or warm colors can increase the chances of your house being sold. Do remember that colors such as tan, white, cream, or any pastel shade can turn your bathroom into a better place.


Decorate using a common design or theme

A bare bathroom is good but one that’s decorated is way better folks. A good place to start is to accentuate your bathroom with plants, air fresheners, artwork, or beautiful tiles. These things help increase your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and make it easy on the eyes for anyone using it. Choose a motif and stick to it when you pick for the elements you’ll include in your bathroom. Look for amazing ideas online once you’ve decided the theme.  Trust me, a good-looking bathroom is a hit, especially for the ladies.


Functionality is important

Of course, beauty isn’t everything. Your bathroom has to be functional too if you ever hope to sell your property. In order to achieve that, you need to install mirrors, cabinets, and towel holders, among others. These items will make a person’s bathing and hygienic process faster and more convenient. You can also add a water heater or a bath tub to take your bathroom to the next level. With these two items, potential home buyers will have a hard time saying no to the deal.

Even if you’re not selling your house, these bathroom staging suggestions can increase the value of your property. Of course, these 4 items are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of things you can do to your bathroom to make it better. For some improvements, you won’t even have to spend a lot but the return will be much greater. In all of this, just keep in mind that an amazing bathroom is one integral part for a successful home staging goal. Should you need ideas for the other areas of your home, you make check this out too.

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