The Four Major No-No’s of Home Staging

The Four Major No-No’s of Home Staging

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Staging a home for interested buyers is hard. You invest your money, have a lot of repairs done, purchase things that make your home better, but it still won’t seal the deal. You place all of your hope in your staging efforts and yet, you still come up short. But hey, don’t think home staging is all gloom and doom. We’re sure with the right decisions, all your staging efforts will pay off in the end. And of course, if there are right decisions, there are also some wrong ones to make when you’re staging a home. Here are a couple of them.


Going overboard

Even though we’d like to smother potential home buyers like they were members of our family, it’s a good idea not to. First off, these people are complete strangers and they feel the same way towards you. Sure, you can be extra polite or nice when you first meet but don’t overdo it. Some people may not be used to strangers shadowing their every move or acting hyper on a sudden whim. When it comes to presenting your house for sale, always remember to keep it professional. Like in every other activity, you need preparation too, so browse over these questions that possible tenants and home buyers might ask you.


Buying things that won’t help sell your property

When staging a house, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking more stuff can help sell the property faster. Someone unfamiliar with the whole process might think that paintings, fancy furniture, expensive appliances, or a whole lot of plants can convince people to sign on the dotted line and take the house off your hands. That’s the farthest thing from the truth. You just need to spend money on the right stuff and to get rid of those that won’t really fit in. Craft a staging plan that revolves on a singular design theme and purchase the needed elements to pull it off. We guarantee a unified staging plan will do more wonders than just spending money on useless objects.


Forced transformation

In line with previous item, staging a house into something that is not is definitely a bad idea. For example, you have a house in the suburbs and you might think staging it into something for the common bachelor will help you sell it faster. Or maybe, you think a small house can be perfect for a family of 8 with just a little staging magic. You have to study the ins and the outs of any property and how it can best be transformed into something useful for home investors. Never force a house to be something more when it fact, it can never be. Sometimes, you just really need to upgrade your property through proper plumbing contractor done by professionals, and not to transform it altogether.


Never act rude or all-knowing

Presenting a staged house gives you the authority over the property when you’re dealing with people who might buy the property. That doesn’t mean you can act like you’re better than anyone. Always remember you’re dealing with customers and the customer is always right. Do your best to make these people comfortable and answer all of their queries in a humble manner. Being rude will cost you a sale but being polite will surely lead you to success.

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