5 Interior Design Trends That Doesn’t Make Sense

5 Interior Design Trends That Doesn’t Make Sense

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Anything that’s trending has the potential to be of benefit for you. These trends can make you stylish, improve your life, or increase the value of your properties. But not all trends are made to withstand the test of time. Some of these fads may not even last several months before they are phased out. When it comes to quality interior design, there is always something new but not every trend will last forever. It’s better to go for choices that won’t go away that quickly. To help you be more aware, here are some interior design trends that are better off forgotten.


Anything Beige

Back during the 90s, furniture made out of beige was all the rage. This was done to differentiate the aforementioned decade from the loud colors used during the 80s. As a result, most home interiors tried to achieve a minimalistic look with this color. Unfortunately, any home that uses beige furniture or decorations look boring today. Plus, it also looks a bit dirty too.


Bubble Furniture

At first look, having and using bubble furniture promises a lot of fun in store for you. But the moment you use these furniture made of plastic bubbles, you’ll find it isn’t comfortable at all. In fact, you’re going to wish you didn’t purchase them in the first place. Fortunately, this trend has died out a few decades ago.


Floral Design

It’s great to be in the presence of plants and flowers when you’re in your home. To accomplish that, a common homeowner will place several potted plants and flowers of different varieties to bring some life into a lifeless interior. But back then, most people would just use sofa covers, rugs, and curtains with a floral pattern. Nowadays, using anything with a floral pattern would just clash with your senses and give you a headache. It’s better to leave this trend in the past because your guests will walk straight out of the door if you used this.


Fake Flowers

And speaking of flowers, there was a time when people would place fake ones inside their homes. Although real flowers are more advantageous, homeowners did this trend years ago. These people would place these plastic flowers inside vases with water and it was a trend some years ago. Maybe these folks didn’t like to maintain real flowers so they went ahead and used fake ones. Nevertheless, people realized this trend was useless and never supported it again.


Using Hollywood Lighting Fixtures

Are you familiar with the common backstage dressing rooms used in Hollywood? If you are, you might have noticed several light bulbs placed alongside a mirror. This fad from Hollywood made its way into the interior design of homeowners, thinking it can help them become famous. Rather, the end result looked tacky and out of place inside a home.


Bathrooms with Carpets

You might think covering your bathroom floors with carpet makes a lot of sense. After a hot shower, people don’t like the idea of stepping on cold tiles. Using these carpeted floors doesn’t make sense, though. The act of cleaning them is a lot harder than cleaning the bathroom itself. This is the reason why this trend died an early death in the 90s.



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