Four Common Plumbing Problems Caused by Pets

Four Common Plumbing Problems Caused by Pets

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Having pets in your household is a great idea. Whether you aim to take care of a dog, a cat, a hamster, or any other kind of domesticated animal, pets can provide a lot of positive benefits to your residence. These animals are a constant source of happiness and even security when you’re not at home.

At the same time, keeping pets in your home can also cause some plumbing problems. If you are not aware of these problems, you may end up with a high water bill at the end of each month or a series of plumbing problems every now and then. To help you out, here are a couple of simple tips to help you prevent these plumbing problems.


Place stoppers on your drain

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Some homeowners choose to bathe their cats or dogs inside their bathroom. If that’s not case, you might choose your laundry area to wash your pets. Whatever the case may be, your drains might be filled with fur whenever you take your pets for a bath. When this happens, water will not flow out properly and you might cause a flood on your floors. Plus, it would cost you a lot of money to have your pipes cleaned from all the fur that got stuck.

To remedy this predicament, the best and simplest solution is to place a stopper on your drains. This handy piece of metal or plastic will hold fur, or any other material, from entering your drainage pipes. Once they have been filled, you can easily scoop them out into your trash container.


Never leave your toilet lid down up

Dogs are a curious lot. When something catches their interest, these dogs will surely use their time and strength to touch a particular item. Your toilet bowls aren’t either. If you have the habit of leaving your toilet bowl lids up and your bathroom doors open, it’s only a matter of time before your dog will inspect this plumbing fixture. Worse, they’ll drink water from your toilet bowl and be sick because of it. If you have dogs inside your home, always keep the lid down for their safety.


Don’t flush cat litter or any waste your dogs make

While most people would say that cat litter or dog waste can be flushed down your toilet, that isn’t the case at all. Toilet bowls are designed and made for human beings. Anything that you throw inside these toilet bowls that came from your pets has a chance of blocking the flow of water. As a result, your bathroom floor will be flooded the next time you try to flush your toilet. Better get a separate trash container for your cat’s litter or your dog’s waste to keep everything organized.


Install pressure balancing valves

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Speaking of bathing your dogs or cats inside a bathroom, there can be instances when you can burn them when you use a water heater. This happens when another person in your home uses another faucet. Once this happens, hot water will be released from your bathroom’s own faucet or shower accidentally.

To prevent this from happening, install a pressure balancing valve. This tool will prevent hot water from coming out all of a sudden and when you least expect it. To help you install this valve, the best solution is to hire professional plumber Singapore can offer to do it for you.


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