Four Common Plumbing Problems Caused by Pets

Four Common Plumbing Problems Caused by Pets

Having pets in your household is a great idea. Whether you aim to take care of a dog, a cat, a hamster, or any other kind of domesticated animal, pets can provide a lot of positive benefits to your residence. These animals are a constant source of happiness and even security when you’re not at home.

At the same time, keeping pets in your home can also cause some plumbing problems. If you are not aware of these problems, you may end up with a high water bill at the end of each month or a series of plumbing problems every now and then. To help you out, here are a couple of simple tips to help you prevent these plumbing problems.


Place stoppers on your drain

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Some homeowners choose to bathe their cats or dogs inside their bathroom. If that’s not case, you might choose your laundry area to wash your pets. Whatever the case may be, your drains might be filled with fur whenever you take your pets for a bath. When this happens, water will not flow out properly and you might cause a flood on your floors. Plus, it would cost you a lot of money to have your pipes cleaned from all the fur that got stuck.

To remedy this predicament, the best and simplest solution is to place a stopper on your drains. This handy piece of metal or plastic will hold fur, or any other material, from entering your drainage pipes. Once they have been filled, you can easily scoop them out into your trash container.


Never leave your toilet lid down up

Dogs are a curious lot. When something catches their interest, these dogs will surely use their time and strength to touch a particular item. Your toilet bowls aren’t either. If you have the habit of leaving your toilet bowl lids up and your bathroom doors open, it’s only a matter of time before your dog will inspect this plumbing fixture. Worse, they’ll drink water from your toilet bowl and be sick because of it. If you have dogs inside your home, always keep the lid down for their safety.


Don’t flush cat litter or any waste your dogs make

While most people would say that cat litter or dog waste can be flushed down your toilet, that isn’t the case at all. Toilet bowls are designed and made for human beings. Anything that you throw inside these toilet bowls that came from your pets has a chance of blocking the flow of water. As a result, your bathroom floor will be flooded the next time you try to flush your toilet. Better get a separate trash container for your cat’s litter or your dog’s waste to keep everything organized.


Install pressure balancing valves

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Speaking of bathing your dogs or cats inside a bathroom, there can be instances when you can burn them when you use a water heater. This happens when another person in your home uses another faucet. Once this happens, hot water will be released from your bathroom’s own faucet or shower accidentally.

To prevent this from happening, install a pressure balancing valve. This tool will prevent hot water from coming out all of a sudden and when you least expect it. To help you install this valve, the best solution is to hire professional plumber Singapore can offer to do it for you.


5 Interior Design Trends That Doesn’t Make Sense

5 Interior Design Trends That Doesn’t Make Sense

Anything that’s trending has the potential to be of benefit for you. These trends can make you stylish, improve your life, or increase the value of your properties. But not all trends are made to withstand the test of time. Some of these fads may not even last several months before they are phased out. When it comes to quality interior design, there is always something new but not every trend will last forever. It’s better to go for choices that won’t go away that quickly. To help you be more aware, here are some interior design trends that are better off forgotten.


Anything Beige

Back during the 90s, furniture made out of beige was all the rage. This was done to differentiate the aforementioned decade from the loud colors used during the 80s. As a result, most home interiors tried to achieve a minimalistic look with this color. Unfortunately, any home that uses beige furniture or decorations look boring today. Plus, it also looks a bit dirty too.


Bubble Furniture

At first look, having and using bubble furniture promises a lot of fun in store for you. But the moment you use these furniture made of plastic bubbles, you’ll find it isn’t comfortable at all. In fact, you’re going to wish you didn’t purchase them in the first place. Fortunately, this trend has died out a few decades ago.


Floral Design

It’s great to be in the presence of plants and flowers when you’re in your home. To accomplish that, a common homeowner will place several potted plants and flowers of different varieties to bring some life into a lifeless interior. But back then, most people would just use sofa covers, rugs, and curtains with a floral pattern. Nowadays, using anything with a floral pattern would just clash with your senses and give you a headache. It’s better to leave this trend in the past because your guests will walk straight out of the door if you used this.


Fake Flowers

And speaking of flowers, there was a time when people would place fake ones inside their homes. Although real flowers are more advantageous, homeowners did this trend years ago. These people would place these plastic flowers inside vases with water and it was a trend some years ago. Maybe these folks didn’t like to maintain real flowers so they went ahead and used fake ones. Nevertheless, people realized this trend was useless and never supported it again.


Using Hollywood Lighting Fixtures

Are you familiar with the common backstage dressing rooms used in Hollywood? If you are, you might have noticed several light bulbs placed alongside a mirror. This fad from Hollywood made its way into the interior design of homeowners, thinking it can help them become famous. Rather, the end result looked tacky and out of place inside a home.


Bathrooms with Carpets

You might think covering your bathroom floors with carpet makes a lot of sense. After a hot shower, people don’t like the idea of stepping on cold tiles. Using these carpeted floors doesn’t make sense, though. The act of cleaning them is a lot harder than cleaning the bathroom itself. This is the reason why this trend died an early death in the 90s.



The Four Major No-No’s of Home Staging

The Four Major No-No’s of Home Staging

Staging a home for interested buyers is hard. You invest your money, have a lot of repairs done, purchase things that make your home better, but it still won’t seal the deal. You place all of your hope in your staging efforts and yet, you still come up short. But hey, don’t think home staging is all gloom and doom. We’re sure with the right decisions, all your staging efforts will pay off in the end. And of course, if there are right decisions, there are also some wrong ones to make when you’re staging a home. Here are a couple of them.


Going overboard

Even though we’d like to smother potential home buyers like they were members of our family, it’s a good idea not to. First off, these people are complete strangers and they feel the same way towards you. Sure, you can be extra polite or nice when you first meet but don’t overdo it. Some people may not be used to strangers shadowing their every move or acting hyper on a sudden whim. When it comes to presenting your house for sale, always remember to keep it professional. Like in every other activity, you need preparation too, so browse over these questions that possible tenants and home buyers might ask you.


Buying things that won’t help sell your property

When staging a house, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking more stuff can help sell the property faster. Someone unfamiliar with the whole process might think that paintings, fancy furniture, expensive appliances, or a whole lot of plants can convince people to sign on the dotted line and take the house off your hands. That’s the farthest thing from the truth. You just need to spend money on the right stuff and to get rid of those that won’t really fit in. Craft a staging plan that revolves on a singular design theme and purchase the needed elements to pull it off. We guarantee a unified staging plan will do more wonders than just spending money on useless objects.


Forced transformation

In line with previous item, staging a house into something that is not is definitely a bad idea. For example, you have a house in the suburbs and you might think staging it into something for the common bachelor will help you sell it faster. Or maybe, you think a small house can be perfect for a family of 8 with just a little staging magic. You have to study the ins and the outs of any property and how it can best be transformed into something useful for home investors. Never force a house to be something more when it fact, it can never be. Sometimes, you just really need to upgrade your property through proper plumbing contractor done by professionals, and not to transform it altogether.


Never act rude or all-knowing

Presenting a staged house gives you the authority over the property when you’re dealing with people who might buy the property. That doesn’t mean you can act like you’re better than anyone. Always remember you’re dealing with customers and the customer is always right. Do your best to make these people comfortable and answer all of their queries in a humble manner. Being rude will cost you a sale but being polite will surely lead you to success.

Bathroom Staging Suggestions That Can Help Seal The Deal

Bathroom Staging Suggestions That Can Help Seal The Deal

Hey there folks! My name is Eddie and I’m really glad to share a recent experience with you. Just over a month ago, I had a neighbour who was about to sell her home and she asked me for a hand in improving the bathroom. You see, every other area in her house was okay and well-maintained. The thing is, her house’s bathroom is something that will make potential home buyers think twice with their hard-earned money. She doesn’t have the faintest clue on how to fix leaks and make it more captivating when she presents her house to investors. As always, I took on the challenge and made her bathroom better than ever. Here are some important details that could help you out too with your home staging goals.


Have everything fixed first

Based on experience, you won’t get far in selling your home if there’s something wrong with your bathroom. It may be a leaking faucet, a faulty water heater, or clogged drains. Whatever it can be, damaged bathroom fixtures will certainly make any home buyer decide against purchasing your property. As such, check your bathroom first for any faults and have it repaired by honest and professional plumbers immediately.


A good paint job goes a long way

No one wants to bathe in a place that looks all gloomy. A person spends an adequate amount of private time inside a bathroom and it making it a little livelier is a big help. In this case, getting your home painted with neutral or warm colors can increase the chances of your house being sold. Do remember that colors such as tan, white, cream, or any pastel shade can turn your bathroom into a better place.


Decorate using a common design or theme

A bare bathroom is good but one that’s decorated is way better folks. A good place to start is to accentuate your bathroom with plants, air fresheners, artwork, or beautiful tiles. These things help increase your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and make it easy on the eyes for anyone using it. Choose a motif and stick to it when you pick for the elements you’ll include in your bathroom. Look for amazing ideas online once you’ve decided the theme.  Trust me, a good-looking bathroom is a hit, especially for the ladies.


Functionality is important

Of course, beauty isn’t everything. Your bathroom has to be functional too if you ever hope to sell your property. In order to achieve that, you need to install mirrors, cabinets, and towel holders, among others. These items will make a person’s bathing and hygienic process faster and more convenient. You can also add a water heater or a bath tub to take your bathroom to the next level. With these two items, potential home buyers will have a hard time saying no to the deal.

Even if you’re not selling your house, these bathroom staging suggestions can increase the value of your property. Of course, these 4 items are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of things you can do to your bathroom to make it better. For some improvements, you won’t even have to spend a lot but the return will be much greater. In all of this, just keep in mind that an amazing bathroom is one integral part for a successful home staging goal. Should you need ideas for the other areas of your home, you make check this out too.

Beautifying Each Room is More Fun than you Can Imagine

Beautifying Each Room is More Fun than you Can Imagine

There comes a time in our lives when we need to move out of our old home and move into a new one. When that happens, we have to make a decision on what to do with the property we’re going to leave behind. Most of the time, people decide to sell their old houses or rent them out and make a quick buck out of it. But based on our experience, it’s anything but quick folks. In fact, it might take a long time in finding a trusted person to buy your house. Should you decide to rent it out, the competition is too high that you have to give your property an edge if you want lessees to choose it over the many options out there. Sounds too heavy, huh? But don’t lose hope because we got you covered when it comes to home staging.

While staging a home is the most logical step to undertake, there are also a lot of design and handyman choices involved in the process. You have to be familiar with every room and area in your house in order to determine what needs to be enhanced or repaired. Here are some home staging tips for certain areas in your residence.


A kitchen is always a favourite amongst mothers and food lovers. As such, it’s important to redecorate it into something that will motivate people to get their hands dirty and cook good food. To do that, you have to make the area light and neutral. Paint the cabinets with colors that are not too dim yet not too shocking so as not to limit your market. And please, do not be overly decorative! Why? So that prospective buyers and tenants can easily imagine what fixtures they will add to personalize their cooking space. You can also install a new clean countertop that will definitely catch the eye of anyone. Lastly, don’t forget to have your faucets checked and repaired, folks. You don’t want a leaky faucet to scare home buyers or renters away, do you? If you are serious about keeping up with the competition, hiring able plumbers who are experienced in home additions and renovations should be a top priority.


Clean and simple. While there are lots of ideas out there on how to create the perfect bathroom, this timeless general theme never fails. Instead of focusing on colors and styles, arrangements, and other artistic aspects, check for the necessities: mirrors, cabinet, soap dish, exhaust, curtains, and a rag. Again, don’t over-decorate this part, because even the male members of the family are meticulous when it comes to the bathroom. In fact, that’s the only room they care about in most cases. An overdecorated bathroom can turn them off.

Functionality is the main function of a bathroom and it should be highlighted when you’re staging a home. Don’t forget to install bathroom towel holders and toiletry containers that keep everything within hand’s reach. Plus, installing electrical sockets inside a bathroom helps make a grooming process go faster and smoother. Just make sure these sockets are placed safely and away from any source of water.

Living Room

A living room can be made better if you emphasize on comfort and convenience. Let’s face it. No home buyer or investor will be interested if a living room that looks stressful. If you don’t want that to happen, stage a living room by using and arranging furniture well. We’ve written before that you can jumpstart your home staging well by getting rid of old furniture and staging your home artistically. Ventilation should also be improved to provide more comfort.

At the same time, install bright and energy-saving light bulbs and improve the windows to illuminate the living room. Plus, you can place potted plants to make a living room seem livelier. The end product should be a safe space where any family can just be together and enjoy their free time bonding.

Dining Room

Apart from the living room, the dining room is another area inside a home where family relationships are cultivated over food. It’s actually the best place to catch up and enjoy stories as each member of the family is eating a well-prepared dinner. And come on, who doesn’t like to eat good food with your family?

In this room’s case, a simple and functional dining table is the centrepiece of it all. To accentuate the table, decorative pieces should be placed to create an environment of warmth for people. Some of these pieces include family pictures, wonderful artwork, or vases with flowers. These things will help your dining room look more inviting. Lastly, don’t place any appliance or digital gadget in this area. Having a television is a big distraction. The living room or individual bedrooms should be a place for these things, not the dining room folks.


Backyards can be fun if you stage it well. It’s that one area where kids can run around safely or adults can just hang around to relax outdoors. When it comes to backyards, a clever landscape design is what you need for your home staging plans. All the plants, trees, and fixtures should blend perfectly in a backyard. You can also have a flowerbed constructed to really increase your backyard’s aesthetic appeal. You might find some useful tips that will get you started with your landscaping projects here.

Potential home buyers or investors will see how much fun they can have with a well-designed backyard. Stage it properly with the use of amazing landscaping methods and you’ll have a taker for your property soon enough.


Sleeping requires a room where a person can feel safe and comfortable. The bedroom will create a lasting impression on a prospective buyer or tenant so you can get a bit creative here. Who knows, you might just find the perfect client with the artistic choice that you make in this part of the property?

For the essentials, there has to be a closet, a mirror, inviting soft cushions and fluffy pillows, a bedside table, and a lamp. Choose a theme to your bedroom and that will determine the colors and elements you’d put inside. The closet must look spacious no matter what theme you choose.

If you chose an urban feel, then go for steel, sleek, and modern-looking lamps, monochromatic to gray-shaded bed and pillow covers, and a white paint or wallpaper. You can also opt for oceanic shades of blue for the covers and wall paint, with a picture of a beautiful beach or a boat hanging right above the bed. A classy-looking lamp with subtle shades of blue is perfect for this theme. You can even go green and natural by putting a vase with oozing greens and a few flowers right on top of the bedside table. Decorate the bedroom with nature-inspired hanging art pieces that go well with wooden, unpainted, but varnished closets. It’s totally up to you.

Upgrade your Home with These Affordable Home Automation and Security Devices

Upgrade your Home with These Affordable Home Automation and Security Devices

For most of us, we grew up in the days when doors closing on their own and lights opening without having to move the switch are scenes we see only in the movies. But now, more and more companies are engaging in the home automation business that the prices become affordable even to common employees.

Gone are the days when home automation technology is limited only to the members of the upper class. In our world where the internet is slowly breaching the gap between the middle class and those in the uptown when it comes to access to information about the latest in the world of technology, the home automation industry seems to have a wider market these days.

In fact, you’ve probably checked out an automation system and had thoughts of getting it installed in your property. For this reason, home automation has become a field that we, as home stagers, have to gain knowledge of. Well, obviously because this instantly increases the value of a certain residence. So if you’re thinking about upgrading your home with an automation system, let’s get you started with these products we’ve come across with recently:

Video Doorbells

Yes, you read it right. You just know that the better days have come when you can literally answer the door even when you’re not at home. We’re glad to break the news that now, you can have wonderful, advanced doorbells that allow you to see and speak with visitors through your mobile phone. You can even receive alerts on your gadgets when doorbell sensors detect motion around your property.

Light Controlling Systems

If you always forget to turn the porch lights on when you’re about to sleep or turn them off when you leave in the morning, it’s time to celebrate because now there are gadgets available that can help you solve this recurring problem. These advanced light controlling systems in the market let you turn your lights on and off through a mobile phone application. There are even more advanced kits with customization features so you can adjust the brightness according to your mood or activity.

Lighting-Door-and-Window Sensors

Are you tired of blindly locating the switch to turn the light on every time you enter your main door or pantry at night? Or perhaps you want to be alerted every time the window or the door opens when you don’t expect anyone to come. This kind of convenience and security is not far off now that you can purchase many kinds of window and door sensors online at very affordable prices of about 35 bucks and above.

All-Around Home Automation Kits

Speaking of gadgets, why don’t you try the slightly more expensive home automation kits that allow users to control lamps, appliances, AC and heaters, and even security cameras through a mobile phone app? Although a bit higher in price, they are definitely worth it if you’re the type who likes to read at your favorite table all day or work non-stop without any distractions at your home office nook.

These are some of the latest we’ve seen and heard from our clients. But aside from incorporating advanced devices to your home, there are some other simpler yet useful tips on how to add value to your home for better chances of getting the right tenant or buyer. You can also help us widen our knowledge by commenting below if you’ve encountered some other wonderful automation devices lately.

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